Day 15: Avocado Pesto Chickpea Salad + Nut Alley

YOU’RE NEVER TOO BUSY TO EAT HEALTHY! And if you’re wondering why I haven’t posted, it’s because my typical day looks like this: 6:45  Wake up 8:00 – 5:45  Internship (eat breakfast and… Continue reading

Day 14: Creamy Cucumber Mint Quinoa Salad

Be it in your mojito or your salad, nothing screams summer like mint. This salad has so far become the best quinoa salad I’ve made to date, and I blame the mint. And… Continue reading

Day 13: Avocado Fresh Rolls with Sweet Cilantro Dipping Sauce

Avocados madness! The best part about these rolls, however, was the dipping sauce!!! I was struggling to find a good vegan sauce that would pair well with the avocados, and I really nailed it.… Continue reading

Day 12: Green Goddess Dressing

A vegan spin on a classic dressing, this Green Goddess dressing makes you feel every bit as wonderful as it’s name. Swap the mayo for an avocado (avocado makes everything better!) and pack… Continue reading

Day 11: Smoothies + The Magic Bullet

Beat the heat with smoothies! I drink one EVERY MORNING. It’s my breakfast, and I get pretty darn creative with these. I have a Magic Bullet (Costc0, see note below) as well as a… Continue reading

Day 10: Avocado + Kale Salad

YUMMMMM avocados. I went to Costco the other day and bought a giant bag so this is going to be a delicious week. Look forward to a green goddess dressing recipe. I wanted… Continue reading

Day 9: Fresh Rolls with Spicy Peanut Dipping Sauce

Even though I am posts behind, I’m still raw. This is mostly because it’s hard to find time during daylight hours to photograph food without eating it all the night before. I had… Continue reading

Day 8: Caesar Salad + Raw Chocolate Workshop

The hardest part about following a vegan diet has been giving up caeser salad (besides banana lattes). I tried making it without mayo but it wasn’t the same. I did use miso paste… Continue reading

Day 7: Raw Tacos + Bragg’s

These tacos are MIND-BLOWING. I promise you will blow minds if you make these. I did. Just combine yesterday’s salsa recipe with these two and a few slices of avocado and you’ve got… Continue reading

Day 6: Mango Salsa + Raw Taco Workshop

The best part about Taiwan is the abundance of fruit that is cheap and readily available. Right now, we’re right smack in the middle of pineapple and mango season. Yum. My friend told… Continue reading

Day 5: Chickpea Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette + Flax Seed Oil

Day 5….anyone whose ever gone raw or vegan (or gluten free) can understand how amazing I feel right now. I’m sleeping better, this is the one new thing that I’ve noticed. I fall… Continue reading

Day 4: “Tofunaise” + Agave

Today is day 4 and I had some cooked food. Remember, I’m only going 80% raw and 100% vegan. I cooked up some quinoa (note on quinoa another day) and made a cold… Continue reading

Day 3: Miso Dill Salad Dressing + Dijon Mustard

Every time I make this salad dressing, I change it up. I’ve listed some extras beneath the recipe that best compliment the flavor, I usually add them ALL. This dressing is tangy and… Continue reading

Day 2: Hummus + Tahini

It blows my mind how many people ask me either what hummus is or have no idea how to make it. Hummus is perhaps the fastest and easiest thing to make, ever. I wanted to show you… Continue reading

Day 1: Italian Vinaigrette + Nutritional Yeast

I wrote a story that was published in today’s Taipei Times called In The Raw. In it, I interviewed Adela Stoulilova, a personal trainer and health coach from Shanghai who uses a holistic… Continue reading